Monday, October 11, 2010

Soccer Game...

Ethan had a soccer game bright and early on Saturday morning.  He is doing really well and actually stayed on his feet most of the game.  He started out playing goalie which is very stressful for Mommy.  I would prefer him to be running the field.
During the games or practices we are constantly telling Ethan "Stay on your feet!"
I think I have finally figured out why he tends to fall when he is running around.  I watched him closely during the game trying to pin point why he trips or falls all of the time.  He broke his femur when he was 3 years old.  He was in a body cast for 7 weeks and then had to figure out how to walk correctly after that.  They did not recommend physical therapy since he was so young and your body bounces back much quicker.  At the time he had a slight limp but that has since gone away.  They only time we can tell anything even happened to him is when he runs.  It is almost like he drags that leg and especially his toes when he runs which I think is causing him to trip and fall.  This week we are putting him on the treadmill to start exercising and using his leg more and hopefully this will help as he gets older. 

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