Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family night at the Pumpkin Patch...

We are now down to the last few days before Halloween and we finally made it to the Pumpkin Patch last night with the entire family.  The boys and I made a visit on Saturday to see the rabbits but we didn't pick out pumpkins.  We had planned to go on Monday but Ethan was running a fever by the time we made it home.  So... last night, we were finally able to make it out there.  We had a great time and there were definitely too many pumpkins to choose from (especially when the boys insist on perfect pumpkins).

                      Aiden had to pick up all the pumpkins to show us how strong he is.
                                     My job was to hold their final selections. 
                                                       See... He is strong!
                                                     He still can't decide
                                                       He likes this one too!
                                        My boys.  (Ethan was still a little out of it)

We also got a quick lesson on cooking everything you could think of with pumpkins and even got a free pumpkin to take home and try the new recipes.  Needless to say... she didn't know who she was talking to.  I am not the best cook so that pumpkin is still in the back of my car. 

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