Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend post...

We started our weekend with dinner and a movie on Friday night then we were up early on Saturday for soccer pictures and a game.  Ethan got kicked out of his soccer game due to his cleats which made him cry and me angry.  These are the same cleats he has been wearing all season and the same style since he started with this league.  At half time, the coaches switched Ethan's cleats for another kids (which were the same exact pair of cleats as Ethan?!?)  so he could get a little time in the game.  Needless to say, we were not a big fan of this referee (who by the way... was just a kid!). By the middle of the game, he had yelled at the coaches and parents (inappropriate!) and I was ready to high tail it out of there.
If the referee would have read the guidelines, he would have known that since we are playing with 6-7 year olds, they are allowed to have any type of cleat and/or tennis shoes except with metal spikes in them.  The last time I checked, they don't sell children's cleats with metal spikes. 
I think people forget that these are children playing and not professionals.  This town gets a little too competitive at times.  Enough of my venting.  I am sure we will run into more of these types of incidences as the years go on.

Ethan's soccer picture.  He can't keep his eyes open for pictures if he is outside.  Blame it on the sun.
 This is on our way to Target to pick up Ethan some new soccer cleats.  Aiden is ignoring Ethan- pretending to be asleep.
Meet the newest additions to the boy's never ending stuffed animal collection.  Super Hero animals.

On Sunday, the boys woke up in rare form!  They were fighting, yelling and whining all by 9am.  We finally got out the door to go to church and we had to play the quiet game just so I could get some peace and quiet.  I went to drop Aiden off in his class and he had a complete meltdown like never before.  I waited outside for about 5 minutes and he never stopped so I picked him back up and we headed to service.  He had been crying so hard that he almost gave himself an asthma attack.  I had to give him both of his inhalers to get his breathing to regulate.  Then... he fell asleep.  So, I was thinking this is exactly what he needs and he will wake up in a much better mood.  Nope... he woke up on the wrong side of the pew!  He was still mister grumpy pants and the fighting picked right back up in the car ride home.  Needless to say, the boys went to bed early last night mostly because they were tired but also because Mommy and Daddy couldn't take it anymore.  This morning I am glad to report, we woke up to a new day and everyone was in a much better mood!

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