Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More FSU pictures

Mommy and the boys in front of the FSU Stadium
                                Aiden getting ready to take our tour
 The boys doing some stretching before the tour.  You know that this tour is going to strenuous our their bodies!
         Daddy with his friends.  Notice the boys in the bottom left hand corner...
                            They were finally allowed to get in the picture.
                   The boys are excited to give the players a farewell before the big game.
                                                    On the field. 
           Tailgating before the big game.  Ethan is getting some practice throws with Greg.
                         Now it is Aiden's turn.  I think they wore Greg out.
                                                       Our big boy.
                                                       Aiden... go long!
                     Aiden trying to spike the ball to Greg.  Didn't work out so well.
                                          Ryan and some of his friends.
                               The boys before we leave for the game
                   Mommy- (with the baby bump) Can't seem to hide the bump anymore.
                                      Aiden giving Daddy's hat a try.
                        The band playing with some of the alumni band members

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