Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unexpected visitor...

This weekend we had an unexpected visitor....
That's right folks... a 3rd dog!  This is Buddy (as the boys named him) and he looks like Brodie's lost baby brother.  He is a pure bred Lab and is probably around 1 year old.  He is very sweet and interacted great with the boys.
A little background on how Buddy made it to our home....
The boys took the dogs for a walk on Sunday afternoon.  Now, this was against the advice of Mommy since the last walk the dogs went on resulted in Brodie visiting the doggie ER and costing us an arm and leg.  We were told that he is just too old for such strenuous activity.  But back to the walk... they went in the woods across from our neighborhood and some how ended up in the back of a gated community.  I thought they had been gone for a while and then I got the phone call.  Brodie is not doing well and I need to come pick them up.  Again, they were in the gated community which I don't have the combination for and of course, since it is Sunday, there is not a guard that I can beg to let me in to save my family.  So,  I ended up sitting at the front entrance until they found their way to me.  I received a few more phone calls that were a little more frantic before they arrived and the last phone call I received quickly said "we found a lost dog and he is with us".  What???  The boys arrived at the car walking Tucker and their new dog Buddy and Ryan is carrying 100lb Brodie.  Brodie looked like he was on the verge of death again so we quietly got in the car and started for the house.  Ryan was taking care of Brodie so I was left to figure out what to do with Buddy.  I immediately put him outside since I know nothing about him and then went about my business.  In the meantime... Brodie is saved without visiting the ER and I begin to feel sorry for Buddy since it is beginning to get dark.  So, Buddy is allowed in and man was he hyper!! 
This is where Buddy must live at his house... on the couch.  Ethan finds this funny since he knows that this is a big No-No.

I could not get him to stay off of the couch.  We don't allow our dogs to lay on it but they obviously do while we are out.  We all tried to take up the entire couch but Buddy would either scoot us out of the way or he would end up just laying on me! 
We did enjoy having Buddy at the house (especially since I knew this was going to be temporary).  He was very playful and the boys miss out on that since our dogs are old and pretty much lay around 24/7.  By the end of the night, I had decided that I would like to trade Tucker in and keep Buddy, if that were possible.  I have lived with our dogs for 8 years and they do not care for me but Buddy actually liked me.  This made me happy!  But... after a long night of little sleep (since Buddy is younger and more hyper, he decided he wanted to play at 2:30am) Ryan got busy figuring out how to locate his parents.  He was able to take him to the local vet to look for a micro chip and reunite him with his Mommy!  I was happy that I no longer had a 3rd dog but a little sad to see Buddy leave.   Farewell our dear friend!

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