Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween update...

We had a busy weekend!  As always... we started Saturday with a soccer game and then went to breakfast with Chad and Steph.  This turned out to be very eventful because Ethan had a major nose bleed that took us both out of commission for a while.  We recovered long enough to finish breakfast but the bleeding returned as soon as we got home.

Then we painted our pumpkins...
And then it was time to do a little trunk or treating at the Orangefest.  I wasn't as impressed this year since they had downsized but they boys had a great time anyways. 

        Mario and Luigi decided they needed to take a nap before the festivities began...

                                  Here they are awake and ready to begin
                     With their cousins- Mikayla the punk rock diva and Ian aka Iron Man
                                   Bunny has joined Aiden in the picture again. 

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