Monday, November 29, 2010

Pregnancy update...

I am now 13 weeks and I will have my next appointment on Monday, December 6th (14 weeks).  I have started to feel a little flutter every once in a while beginning in week 12.  I thought this was way too early but I am finding out that after a few babies, you begin to see and feel things a lot sooner.  I now have a baby bump.  I have been trying to hide it but it is no use anymore.  I am still in my normal clothing for tops but I have moved to maternity pants for comfort.  The morning sickness has started to subside and now only occurs every once in a while.  Last night I had my first weird craving of pickles and cheese.  Although it tasted good at the time, my tummy was not happy with me afterwards.  Lesson learned!!
I am still stressing out about this pregnancy and I worry constantly.  This seems to be in my nature.  I think I will begin to feel more comfortable after this next appointment.  After my 14th week appointment, I will start going to the doctor every 2 weeks so she can check my cervix and hopefully prevent any bed rest like I had with Aiden.  To me, this is a blessing in disguise.  I will get to have an ultrasound each appointment so I can see the progress and see the baby every 2 weeks.
Thankfully, I haven't gained any weight yet (although you can't tell because of the baby bump) due to the sickness but I am sure that will change soon. 
The boys are really excited and are beginning to ask a lot of questions.  Aiden is very curious as to how the baby gets out of Mommy's tummy.  I am trying to be very vague right now with my answers until I can figure out what the appropriate response is.  I am not sure how much to tell a 7 and 5 year old about the birthing process.  Most adults don't really want to know what truely happens. 
So... 13 weeks down and quite a few more to go before we get to meet this new baby.

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