Thursday, August 2, 2012

Laser tag

A few nights ago we took the boys to play laser tag.  They have been begging all summer and we promised before school started we would go.  Well... school is just around the corner so they got their wish. 
Izzy got all dolled up to cheer on her brothers!  She was so excited even though she had no idea what we were doing. 
The boys were also super excited for their night out and finally getting to play laser tag with their Daddy. 

Isabelle and I waited patiently while the boys were playing.  We were fascinated with our glowing clothes until we began noticing all the lint -everywhere- that we didn't realize we had on us when we entered the building.  I felt the need to wash all of our clothes for a second/third time and to take a bath just for good measure. 

The final scores: Ethan- Laser Ace/ Ryan- Laser Commander and Aiden...who knows. He came running out and forgot to look at his final score.  That's our Aiden!

We have a few more weeks before school starts so time to get everyone back into the routine of earlier bedtime and homework.  Oh the joys of school!

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