Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Corn Festival, Soccer and Sasser Reunion= Busy weekend

The kids and I started Friday night with the Corn Festival at their school.  We had a good time but only one picture to prove it (actually taken by Aunt Steph). 
Right when we got to the school, we saw Izzy's PT.  She is wonderful and loves Izzy so!  I was thankful that Izzy didn't sign "all done" as soon as she saw her.  That is her new thing when Mrs. T walks around the corner before therapy starts.  Silly girl!  Then it was off to the bouncy houses and games.  We got there a little too late for hair painting but Ian is sporting a cool new look.
Saturday, of course, we began our morning with soccer.  The weather was beautiful so this is the first game we didn't sweat to death.

Izzy is getting attacked by the tickle monster.  Sister is ticklish!
Saturday afternoon, we hopped in the car and headed to Chipley for the Annual Sasser reunion.  The boys love Chipley so all I heard on the way was "are we there yet".   This was Izzy's first Sasser reunion since she had just had her Open Heart Surgery last year around the same time.  So a lot of extended family had yet to meet our beautiful Izzy in person.  Needless to say, I didn't see her much until bedtime.
When it was time to call it a night, we headed to Aunt Gloria and Uncle Marvin's house and the kids played a while before bedtime.

Izzy loves playing with the big boys.
Then she tried to lug around Alea's doll that was the same size as her.

Then before bed, she had to get a little exercising in.  
 Look at Izzy stand!!  She is doing so good and actually wants to put weight on her legs now.  I think she is realizing she can see so much more when she stands up.
Even though there were plenty of beds, all the kids wanted to sleep in my room.  None were allowed in my bed so we made pallets for them on the floor.  All three of these kids are crazy sleepers and I have learned my lesson that if I want to get any sleep at all, my bed is off limits for them.

Izzy began her morning with some exercising.  We mean business in the Barfield/Holt family.
At least she had a great view!

 Sunday, we went back to the home place for the big lunch. We all ate some great food and enjoyed seeing family. It had been way too long between visits with some.
(These pictures were taken by Steph)

Deep in conversation!  These littles are 10 months apart but you wouldn't know by looking at them. 

Enjoying her view

 By the time we got home Sunday afternoon, we were all worn out and ready for a nap. 
We had a great but busy weekend full of family and good food. 

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