Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stomach bug

The stomach bug hit our house with a vengeance.  Saturday night, Izzy got sick and it all went downhill from there.  It went something like this... Izzy got sick > then brother got sick > then Mommy got sick > and other brother got sick and well... Daddy- he was on the fence (not feeling great but never actually caught the bug). 

Have I ever mentioned how difficult it is to clean up mess from someone else when you are sick yourself?!?  Every sheet, onesie and stuffed animal has been washed and rewashed again. 
The kid's rooms were quarantined since no one can seem to get to the bathroom in time and everyone was sent to the living room.  We actually had to take the boy's bed apart to clean everything out... it was that bad.  Yeah, did I mention that this week has not been pretty?!?
The boys slept on the couch and Izzy was sent to prison aka her play pen.  Please look closely at her facial expression... she is one unhappy camper!  She was acting as if I had sent her to solitary confinement.
The couch quickly became the next victim so the boys were then sent to the floor.  At least we have a good carpet cleaner!
Thankfully, I can safely say that we are on the mend and just in the nick of time.  We have important things we have to do this weekend and we can not afford to be sick.  The Holt's are heading to Tally for a FSU game and we are super excited!  We can't wait to spend some time in Seminole country with Allison, Mark and Lila.

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