Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We've been boo-ed

Our house was boo-ed! 

I actually meant to do this with the kids last year but it never worked out or I got lazy (whatever you want to call it).  So when we were boo-ed... we had to keep it going so we quickly got 2 goody bags together and went out in the dark to boo a few neighbors.

Aiden boo-ed the first house.  He ran up to their front door, put the bag down and rang the doorbell.  We all took off running in the dark so we wouldn't be seen.  We laughed so hard as we were running down the street.  I am sure it was a sight to be seen.  We were all in our pj's and flip flops (ok... Ryan and I were in our pj's and socks with flip flops- gasp!).
Next up was Ethan.  This house was a little more difficult because there were no hiding spots.  So he rang the doorbell and we took off again but I think we were caught.  The neighbor came outside and probably saw 5 shadows running a laughing all the way to our house.  Oh well... we had a blast and we will try and keep this up in the coming years as well.
Afterwards, Izzy got herself tangled in the boys Halloween tape...
Zombie zone alert
Is it bedtime yet?!?

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