Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter weekend

We started our Easter a little early this year.  We celebrated with Mimi and Aunt Amy on Thursday with a trip to Build a Bear and lunch.
This is the only picture I took since the boys were too busy stuffing, fluffing and dressing their new friends. 
Izzy loves walking with help.
Saturday, we were double booked so Daddy had to stay home from the annual Easter Egg dash to sell some plants.  He has been busy growing and planting and Saturday was the day for his first plant sale.  He sold quite a bit and the plants looked beautiful.
This is only a few of the plants he has available.  Our backyard has turned into a nursery.
Izzy was front and center to greet all of the shoppers. 
We probably should have put out a tip jar by her jumper.  She could have raked in the money!
After a few hours of selling, the kids and I were headed to the egg dash.
Izzy was a little unsure of what she was supposed to do with all these eggs.  All she knew was the boys kept yelling for her to "grab the eggs!"  and "hurry... put it in the bag!" .  Really, all she wanted to do was taste and then throw.

 I am not allowed to take pictures of the boys during their dash- hence no pictures.  The boys made this rule a few years back so I have politely obeyed.  One, I might get trampled and two- I could slow them down.  A big no-no.  So, Izzy and I did a little swinging and talking to our shadows.  It is one of our new favorite things to do!

There was a silly bunny that showed up at the picnic.  I thought he looked awfully familiar but he went by Fred.  My mistake!

That evening, we took the kids to see The Croods at Destin Commons.  Pretty good movie! 
Izzy loves playing at Destin Commons!
Sunday, we got up early for church but still managed to run late.  (My life story... since having children)  I accept complete responsibility this time.  Mama couldn't find anything to wear!
Izzy enjoyed the Easter sermon although she did disrupt a few times.  Sister will learn.
Afterwards, we headed over to Nana and Papa's for lunch and another Easter egg hunt.
My "cool" boys.  They picked out their hats and shirts for Easter.  The hats weren't allowed at church but they showed back up as soon as we walked out the doors.  These boys are growing up.  Ethan now wants to pick out his own clothes and has requested to be present when I buy any outfits.  What?!?  Mama has style!

Aiden's personality captured perfectly!
 Nana and Papa filled one of their eggs with money.  Lucky!!  I can't figure out why the boys always hand over their money for me to hold but always add on "don't take it Mommy!".  I don't ever recall stealing from them.  Hmmm... go figure.
 Family picture time...  These are always fun!
It was hard enough getting a picture of my three kids then we added in all the cousins.  I think with 6 kids in one picture, it is probably impossible to have them all cooperate for a picture.
This picture... Izzy isn't having it.  Everyone else looks pretty good!
Then, we have this one...
Ethan must have done the sleeper hold on Izzy because she is playing dead.  Again... everyone else is looking good.                    
 Then it is Owen's turn.  At least it wasn't one of my kids again!  :)
Last shot...Owen is out of here, Izzy thinks he is just hilarious and wishes she could take off and walk away as well, Aiden has gone to the crazy side and well... the others are just bored.
Well... we tried!
We had a great Easter weekend celebrating Jesus and enjoying a lot of family time. 

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