Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Therapy update...

Izzy makes me one proud Mommy!  Sister has 4 hours of therapy each week and does little to no complaining.  She is learning and growing so much each week.  It is so exciting to see her progress!

Izzy's therapy breakdown:
Physical therapy 1x a week
Speech therapy 2x a week
Occupational 1x a week

During PT each week, Mrs. T works on pulling up to stand, walking and core strength.  Izzy gets to wear some bling during her sessions to add some extra weight.  She does love her sparkles.  Watch your wallet Daddy! 
Izzy loves Mrs. T and no longer signs all done when Mrs. T arrives to the house.  This is a good sign.
We are so happy Early Steps just approved Izzy to get ST twice a week.  She is a talker and learning so much so I can't imagine her progress now with therapy twice a week.  Izzy has about 10 signs (eat- her favorite and done with a lot of force, more, milk, ball, sing, please, all done), she can say quite a few words and is great at imitating sounds/words.  Sister loves to sing and shout.  I wonder where she learned that?!? 
She is getting more muscle tone in her lips and can now give you a puckered kiss.  This is huge for her and we are happy now that it feels like we aren't getting a bath every time she kisses us!
Izzy started back with a new OT a few weeks ago and we love her!!  She pushes her so hard during her sessions that Izzy is wiped out and sleeps all the way home.  She is learning to take her socks and shoes off and then put them back on.  She is working with puzzles, playing with play doh and pulling magnets apart.  I love watching her sessions because I never realized what she can learn from everyday objects.  I just didn't think about these things with the boys.
This swing looks like fun and Izzy loves it but she is actually using major core strength and using listening skills.  This teaches her balance and that she better hold on tight or she will go flying.
 She is learning to use a spoon.  This is a slow process but I think this might help with her throwing her food everywhere... now if she just won't throw the spoon.
Here she is working on balance and core strength.  She has to lean over the peanut and grab a peg then she has to pull the pegs apart (fine motor skills).

I am so glad she has a great relationship with all of her therapists.  I can't believe that she has already been in the program for almost 2 years.  We are grateful for these ladies and all they do for Izzy and also the time they take to teach Ryan and I our homework. 
She is such a good sport and our strong baby girl!  She makes us proud!!   

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