Friday, April 12, 2013

Making brownies...

Mama's work is never done!  We work all day, run the kids around town then come home to clean the house just a bit so it doesn't always look like a tornado ran through.  I complain often but I wouldn't trade being a Mommy for anything. 
Ethan wanted to make some brownies which really translates to Mommy making brownies.  I put him off for a few days especially since he reminded me at 9pm and Mommy is about to be off the clock at the time of the night- at least the kitchen is closed ( I don't think as a Mommy we are ever actually off the clock).  So while the boys were at baseball, Izzy and I got to work in the kitchen.
Izzy doesn't want to miss any of the action...

I think Izzy approves of the taste!
I guess they were good.  I wouldn't know because I didn't even get one.  Oh well... maybe next time!

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