Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Accident update...

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since the kids and I were in our car accident.  Today, I went to my Orthopedic to find out the results from my MRI.  We finally got some good news!!  I do not have a lisfranc fracture.  Yeah... look that up and you will probably get despressed like I did.  Most of the time, this type of fracture requires surgery and you end up with life long chronic pain.  Boo and no thanks!!  
Today, I found out that I have deep bone bruising and a fracture on the right side of my foot.  This takes about 6-8 weeks to heal and I can now start putting weight on that foot- as much as I can tolerate.  With the lisfranc, I wasn't allowed to put any weight on my foot because that could cause more damage.  So, unless I fell, I was relying solely on my crutches and wheelchair.  Which this is causing pain in my forearms and shoulders.   
Now, I can practice driving - which I haven't done since the accident.  I am so excited!!  Freedom!  I am still limited until I can walk without the crutches because I still can't carry Izzy.  But we are making progress.  
After my trip to Target.  It wasn't successful.  I ran into every isle and I got really close and personally with our rose bushes.

After our accident, I was bruised everywhere you can imagine.  Most of my bruising has healed now and I am finally getting back to my "normal"self.

Everyone is enjoying using the wheelchair.  I am not the most graceful so we will probably have to paint our house after all is said and done.

Izzy's boo-boos from her seatbelt.  So thankful that this is all she had.

I am finally getting a little more coordinated on these crutches.  At first, I thought they were going to kill me.

Daddy has taken on the role of both Mommy and Daddy.  I owe him BIG time after all of this.

Papa (aka the best Daddy in the world) trying to make my toes look pretty.

Izzy got her first pedicure as well.  It took a village to make sure she didn't get polish everywhere.
 This is me waiting for my ride... I feel like I am back in school.

Overall, we are starting to get back into our routine.  I am learning to get around better and each day I can do more things for myself.  The boys are learning to help more with household chores- which they should have been doing anyways. 
Hopefully, in a few weeks this will all be behind us and we can move forward.  I am so ready for our "normal" life again.

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Becca said...

Wow, I have been so far behind in blog reading - totally missed the part about the accident - glad you're all (relatively) okay! Your foot is crazy swollen up!! Wow! I hope the recovery continues to go well!