Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chipley and Reunions

In July, the kids and I spent a few weekends in Chipley with our extended family.  I have been going to Chipley since I was a baby and I have always enjoyed my time there and now, my kids love it just as much as I did.  It is our "little country" away from the big city of Niceville.  Ok... just hearing that our town is called Niceville, you can imagine that there is nothing BIG about it.  It is Nice though!
Our first weekend trip was to visit an Aunt and Uncle that came into town from California.  We decided to stay an extra night and go to the Marianna Caverns with Nana and Papa.

Doesn't eveyone need bunny ears??

This is also the weekend that Izzy realized she could stand all by herself and totally showed off her new skills to everyone.
These pictures are about a year apart.  Look how much she has grown!!

The next weekend, we headed back up to Chipley for the Barfield reunion.  There is a bunch of eating, fellowship and singing.  The Barfield group is very talented. 
We were all a little upset that Chad/Steph and the kids couldn't join us this year.  Izzy didn't get the memo that we ALL were upset. 

Getting a little love from Nana (aka YaYa per Izzy).  Photo taken by Angel Davis
Aiden is so interested in learning how to play the guitar.  This is where you could find him most of the day.

 Izzy just scooted herself front and center.  She is a star and no one can tell her otherwise.

Sister loves her some music!
Doesn't everyone take selfies during their down time?!? 
I spy some little eyes...

 The kids got a private lesson by one of my cousins.

 An Ethan sandwich.  Don't let him fool you... he loves the attention.
 These are some of my Daddy's brothers and sisters.  Three of his brothers have passed away and they are missed so much.  He is the baby of 10.
Photo by Angel Davis

Papa is the youngest but he has the least hair.
Ethan helped Nana cooked her meal for Saturday.  I wonder why he won't cook for me???
We sure do love our extended families.  I am glad we are all so close and my kids get to share in these experiences I had growing up.

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