Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Under the weather

We have all been a little under the weather these last few weeks.  I think we are passing something back and forth to each other.  Our family likes to share!
Aiden's asthma has been acting up since the end of his last school year.  Normally winters are his worst months but we can't seem to get his lungs back to normal even over this summer.  This last appointment, he was sick so we didn't get the most accurate reading but his lungs still didn't look good.  He is now on steroids (among his inhalers and other meds) for the next couple of days in hopes his lungs will get the hint that they need to clear up.
 Izzy hasn't felt good since her and I got tonsilitis.  She just can't seem to kick this out of her system.  Doesn't she look so sweet sleeping?!?  It isn't so cute at 1am, 3am or 5am though.
So, Saturday morning Izzy and I made a trip to the doctor.  Thankfully, her Peditrician was on call so I was able to ask some questions that I had since I have missed her last few appointments.  Daddy didn't take notes at her last appointment and that was her all important annual blood test.  One of her levels were high which scared Mommy.  I needed clarification and to schedule a retest. 
 We are learning that Izzy is a sympathy crier.  A little baby next door was screaming and so Izzy started getting sad.  Either that or she was anticipating what might happen to her.  Who knows what is going through her little mind.
She is on another round of antibiotics and steroids too.  This time, it must be working... Sister is finally back to sleeping through the night!  We both did the happy dance after a full nights rest.
Even though we are all feeling a little under the weather, we like to still be silly and have some fun.  That's important, right?!?

Izzy looks like she has those wax lips on...
Normally, with school starting we all catch whatever is going around.  Hopefully we are getting the sickness all out the way and we will be set for winter.  Fingers crossed!  Plus if you enter our house I might just squirt you with hand sanitizer.

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