Thursday, September 12, 2013

Therapy and more...

Izzy is doing great with her therapies.  I can't believe she will be "aging out" of Early Steps soon.  She has benefited so much from this program.  We are forever grateful these services are offered to her. 
The boys enjoy watching her during her therapies when they can.  They like to see her progress and I think they even  get a little jealous of some of the activities she gets to do.  (These pictures are from OT)
 The swing...  This is her favorite and I think her brothers enjoy the swing as well.

After this particular day of therapy, a sign appeared on the door that said "Patients Only".  I have a feeling that this new sign is a result of Izzy's brothers having a little too much fun during her sessions.  Now Mommy has to sit in the waiting room. :(
Izzy has a new Speech therapist and we are excited to get to meet her soon.  She has been meeting with Izzy at her daycare for the last few weeks and I am sure Izzy is getting to know her and working very hard.
A few weeks ago, Izzy took 3 steps during PT.  I was so sad to miss it but I know I will some steps soon.  She is so stubborn.  She knows all the techniques and will even walk if she knows that someone's hand is behind her.  You don't even have to touch but the moment she thinks she is on her own... Sister sits down. 
Patience is not a virtue of mine and I think Izzy is aware of that.  She will be walking when she is good and ready. 

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