Friday, October 11, 2013

Baby Steps...

Folks... we have an almost walker!!  We have been doing a lot of celebrating and crying- well... Mommy has been crying. 
Izzy is doing so well and she is finally getting the hang of this little thing called walking.  Most of us think walking is kind of important but not Izzy.  She was happy scooting around everywhere she went.  She has messed up more outfits and shoes than I care to count. 
It has taken many hours of therapy, working with her at home and daycare for Izzy to build the strength in her legs and muscles.  She is a rock star!!
First, Izzy got hip helpers as a wee little one to help strengthen her hips but Sister can still perform a split at any given moment.
As you can tell... Izzy was not impressed with her pink hip helpers.  She pouted and refused to move...
Then, Izzy got a Ybike.  She started attempting to stand and put pressure on her legs but still wasn't a fan.
While on vacation this past summer, she finally decided to walk a little with assistance.  We were so proud!
Getting a little help from Yaya aka Nana (Izzy decided to be a rebel and change her name.)
It has taken her a long time (2+ years) to get to this point but we are finally seeing some independant walking.  She will walk to almost anyone and require a hug and maybe a little hand clapping.  She often gets tickled while walking and falls over but whatever, Sister is starting to walk!! 


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