Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, the kids and I took a trip to Oliver's Nursery to visit the pumpkin patch.  It wasn't too far from home but it helped that Izzy took a short nap and the boy's brought their Kindle.  A little quiet time for Mommy!
My boys have been begging to go to the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin.  I have been putting it off because I am probably the world's worst pumpkin carver.  I am so bad that it just isn't fun to me. 
Oliver's Nursery had some great pumpkins and a lot of activities to keep the kids occupied.  We, of course, had to start the morning with a few picutres...

After pictures, we headed over to the petting farm.  Izzy wasn't scared at all.  Sister just walked right up to the animals like she was raised on a farm.

 The kids loved these swings.  I think Izzy would have been content just to sit there and swing all day. 

 Checking out some more pumpkins.
Then, it was time to find some jewels in the corn kernels.  The boys kept searching for diamonds for Izzy.  She was very pleased with their work but she can be a little demanding at times.  No, try over there or dig a little bit deeper.
 The boys participated in the cow milking contest.  We aren't sure who won since most of the milk ended up on the ground instead of their buckets.  They get an A for effort.

Then, right beside the cow milking there was a huge horse that we had to go check out.  The boys did great!

 Izzy... not so much at first.  They started her out slowly and spent some time letting her get to know Ranger.
The top picture shows her first reaction.  Sister wasn't happy.  Then we gave her a minute and tried her with Ethan and she loved it.

Izzy giving a little wave to the miniature horse.  How you doing?!?
 The boys loved the duck race... Izzy loved cheering them on. 
Love her smile!!
 Mommy and Izzy waiting for the boys to finish up in the bouncy house.  Always an opportunity for some selfies!!
 They've been caught!!
 Then back to the swings...

and then there were these...
fish.  We went to the pumpkin patch for what we thought were pumpkins but we left with fish- 4 to be exact- and no pumpkin.
Two have passed on (thankfully it was one from each boy) and I officiated my first fish funeral last night.  Some tears were shed, words were shared and a prayer was said.  We are wishing them well in fish Heaven. 
Overall, we had a great time and we even got to eat a funnel cake - Bonus!!                         

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