Friday, October 4, 2013

What's going on...

Lots.  Even when we don't really have any obligations like sports- I "forgot" to sign the boys up for the fall sports- we still manage to be on the go constantly. 
We have been to a few of our high school football games.  Let me just say... Niceville High is kicking butt this year. 

 Izzy is starting to get into anything and everything that belongs to her brothers.  Here... she is pretty proud of herself for getting a hold of the galaxy tab.
 Izzy also loves to "do her homework".  I think she ran out of paper...
 Milo is becoming a bad influence.  These two kids are not behaving!
 Izzy's hair is finally getting long enough for a new style.  Two little piggies!!
Something is wrong with this picture and it isn't the clothes in the background that someone refuses to put away...

Milo was feeling a little left out so he decided to do some homework as well.  School is hard work!
 Izzy loves to do a little light reading when she gets home from school.
Some exciting news... Izzy is taking quite a few steps lately.  She gets a little excited and ends up stumbling but Sister is getting it!

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Becca said...

I love her cute little pig tails!! And great to hear about taking steps - it's just a matter of time... :-) Love the updates, and the conveniently "forgotten" fall sports sign-ups...I don't blame you one bit!