Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter brings....

...sickness in the Holt household.  Anyone else have the same problem??
Florida's weather can't make up it's mind this year.  One day, it is in the 70s and then the next day it drops to the 40s.
We got a good report for Aiden this past visit to his allergist and his lungs are back up to almost normal functioning range.  It only took us most of spring and all of summer to get them back to normal but hey... we got there.
He likes to find all of the different inhalers he has used.  I find this kind of sad.
Izzy on the other hand, has been sick for over a month and is now on her 2nd round of antibiotics.  She just can't seem to kick the germs out of her system.  She was so kind to share her germs with me so I just finished up my round of antibiotics.

Doesn't she look pitiful?!?
Talking a selfie while waiting to see the doctor.
Since Izzy got me sick, she delivered my dinner to the couch.  Some cuties from my cutie.

Brother... did I get you sick too??
These two love each other so much!
When Daddy leaves for work, Izzy is not happy.  One Saturday, she stood at her gate and cried until she was worn out.  So sad!
My litle Rudolph...
Snoring for the Lord in church.
One last treatment before bed.
Izzy is feeling much better now and I think -fingers crossed- that we are all feeling well right now.  Just in time for the holidays.

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