Friday, January 10, 2014

Better late than never...

Sometimes with winter comes the winter blues- and I live in Florida so I can't imagine what everyone up north is feeling.  I am a Florida girl through and through.  This last week has been just too cold for my blood.  So I have been hiding out as much as possible.
Bundled up in my footie pj's
Rewinding back to December... we enjoyed the Holidays and of course, they went by way too quickly.
There was the Christmas parade.  We didn't check the weather and we froze our biscuits off- note to self for next year.  I also think Ethan ate too many donuts or candy before we even left the house.
Their goal at the parade... collect as many beads and stuffed animals as possible.  This requires Izzy to stand in the front because everyone knows they throw stuffed animals to the babies in the crowd.
Then, we ended up at the Sasser family Christmas party. 
The boys attended a sleepover the night before and I don't think much sleeping happened.  We couldn't get him to wake up until half way through the party.
Sasser tradition... everyone signs their name on the Christmas sheet.  I think this has been happening since 2009.  We love to look back and find out names for the years before.
Papa and Izzy kissing under the mistletoe.  She is sure a Papa's girl!
Even Santa arrived at the party. 
Izzy was giving someone the evil eye because she thought she was going to take her baby from her.  We just found out that her MO at daycare is to take all the babies in the class and hide them in a cabinet so only she can play with them.  We questioned her on this behavior and she quickly admitted "Yeah".  At least she is honest.

My Aunt's sister made Izzy a blanket.  She now carries this blanket around the house to cover all her babies.

We did a little decorating around the house and then a few days after Christmas... I was ready for it to all be gone.  This year, I couldn't imagine our decorations staying up to New Year's so I packed things up and tried to get the house in order.  Now I am on a mission to de-clutter.  If it is laying on the floor, it might get thrown away- watch out kids.
Izzy loved all the decorations.  She stood around saying "Ohhh".  In the picture above, I initially thought she was fascinated with the fireplace but then I found out she had found my soda and she was getting her first taste of a coke.  I think Sister liked it!
The kids went with Nana and Papa to the Barfield Christmas party so no pictures.  I was too sick to go this year. Boo!
We spent Christmas with both sides of the family so everything was perfect!!
Christmas Eve was spent with the Holt's then off to the Candlelight service.  As you can see... Aiden wasn't too impressed.  Just kidding!  He just need to rest his eyes.

 We also threw in a few dance parties.  This are a must in our house!
 Will you hold my baby?!?
Covering her baby with another blanket given to her my another Aunt.  I have a lot of Aunts- no joke!  She is stocked with babies and blankets now.  She is one happy little girl!
No shirt.. no problem!

 Izzy holding a light at the Candlelight service.
What is Christmas without a meltdown or two?!?  She might have just been scared of the big gorilla foot next to her.
meltdown= nap time.
Another holiday season full of memories.  So thankful for our little family.  We sure are blessed!

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