Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, the kids and I took a trip to Oliver's Nursery to visit the pumpkin patch.  It wasn't too far from home but it helped that Izzy took a short nap and the boy's brought their Kindle.  A little quiet time for Mommy!
My boys have been begging to go to the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin.  I have been putting it off because I am probably the world's worst pumpkin carver.  I am so bad that it just isn't fun to me. 
Oliver's Nursery had some great pumpkins and a lot of activities to keep the kids occupied.  We, of course, had to start the morning with a few picutres...

After pictures, we headed over to the petting farm.  Izzy wasn't scared at all.  Sister just walked right up to the animals like she was raised on a farm.

 The kids loved these swings.  I think Izzy would have been content just to sit there and swing all day. 

 Checking out some more pumpkins.
Then, it was time to find some jewels in the corn kernels.  The boys kept searching for diamonds for Izzy.  She was very pleased with their work but she can be a little demanding at times.  No, try over there or dig a little bit deeper.
 The boys participated in the cow milking contest.  We aren't sure who won since most of the milk ended up on the ground instead of their buckets.  They get an A for effort.

Then, right beside the cow milking there was a huge horse that we had to go check out.  The boys did great!

 Izzy... not so much at first.  They started her out slowly and spent some time letting her get to know Ranger.
The top picture shows her first reaction.  Sister wasn't happy.  Then we gave her a minute and tried her with Ethan and she loved it.

Izzy giving a little wave to the miniature horse.  How you doing?!?
 The boys loved the duck race... Izzy loved cheering them on. 
Love her smile!!
 Mommy and Izzy waiting for the boys to finish up in the bouncy house.  Always an opportunity for some selfies!!
 They've been caught!!
 Then back to the swings...

and then there were these...
fish.  We went to the pumpkin patch for what we thought were pumpkins but we left with fish- 4 to be exact- and no pumpkin.
Two have passed on (thankfully it was one from each boy) and I officiated my first fish funeral last night.  Some tears were shed, words were shared and a prayer was said.  We are wishing them well in fish Heaven. 
Overall, we had a great time and we even got to eat a funnel cake - Bonus!!                         

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our morning...

My sweet munchkins watching some toons this morning before getting their day started.
I love seeing their relationship blossom.  This makes my heart happy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family reunion...

It is that time of year again... another family reunion.  We were back in Chipley a few weekends ago for the Sasser family reunion.  We fished, ate, played games, ate some more and also had fun seeing relatives.
The boys made it out to the pond in record timing.  I think they hugged a few necks and then raced to start fishing. 
These were the only pictures I got of them fishing this year.  A huge tree limb and I got into a wrestling match and the tree won.  I ended up with a busted noggin. 

 Nana getting some love from Izzy.  She had to take it when she could since Izzy got passed around a lot.
 After fishing, the kids played a game of scavenger hunt. 

 I love the new addition this year to the outside pavillion. 

 Izzy showing off her walking skills...
A little cousin love...
It is amazing the difference a year makes...
Picture from Aunt Steph
The kids and I waiting to eat some yummy food.  (I spy a photo bombing Ian)

Daddy and his little girl
You will notice, we do a serious photo and then end with a silly one...  That's how we roll.

Have you ever seen a bait vending machine??? 
Papa and his girls...

We had a great time visiting with the Sasser family.  Another year of making great memories.  Until next year...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The many faces of Izzy...
All these different expressions within just a few seconds.  Sister loves to perform for the camera. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Baby Steps...

Folks... we have an almost walker!!  We have been doing a lot of celebrating and crying- well... Mommy has been crying. 
Izzy is doing so well and she is finally getting the hang of this little thing called walking.  Most of us think walking is kind of important but not Izzy.  She was happy scooting around everywhere she went.  She has messed up more outfits and shoes than I care to count. 
It has taken many hours of therapy, working with her at home and daycare for Izzy to build the strength in her legs and muscles.  She is a rock star!!
First, Izzy got hip helpers as a wee little one to help strengthen her hips but Sister can still perform a split at any given moment.
As you can tell... Izzy was not impressed with her pink hip helpers.  She pouted and refused to move...
Then, Izzy got a Ybike.  She started attempting to stand and put pressure on her legs but still wasn't a fan.
While on vacation this past summer, she finally decided to walk a little with assistance.  We were so proud!
Getting a little help from Yaya aka Nana (Izzy decided to be a rebel and change her name.)
It has taken her a long time (2+ years) to get to this point but we are finally seeing some independant walking.  She will walk to almost anyone and require a hug and maybe a little hand clapping.  She often gets tickled while walking and falls over but whatever, Sister is starting to walk!! 


Ethan turns 10

You are growing way too fast!!  Please slow down a bit. 
You are my first born.  You gave me my title of Mommy.  You are a great big brother even though you and Aiden are in the midst of a fighting stage.  Is this just a stage?!?  Does it pass??  I don't know... I didn't have a sister. 
Sometimes you act like you are 15 and other times you still act like you are 2.  At this point, I can't decide which is better. 
You are almost as tall as I am- which you are totally proud of. 
I am so proud of the little man that you are becoming.  You are sensitive, loving but can be a little sassy with a slight temper.  We are working on that though!

We love you little man!!  You make us so proud.