Friday, January 24, 2014

A little comparison...

Look how much my baby has grown!

This was Izzy's first Thanksgiving in 2011 and then this past one in 2013.  From beautiful baby to a beautiful little girl.  I would say slow down but to be honest... I am slow proud of the huge milestones she has hit.  Even though she has been our baby for a lot longer than the boys were, I am glad Sister is walking and beginning to have a speech explosion. 
She is so independant!  She now sits at the table like a big girl- no more high chair.  Her choice... not ours.  Most of the time she won't eat if we try to feed her.  This makes for messy dinner times but don't worry- Milo is always near by.  She is walking everywhere and by the expression on her face, she thinks she is running but her legs aren't moving quite as fast yet.  Izzy loves to dress herself in whatever clothes she finds near by.  Sometimes this isn't a good thing as I am still working with the boys on getting them to put their dirty clothes away.  What is it with removing every article of clothing right when you enter the house and drop it where ever you are standing at the moment?!? 
Our baby is growing up so fast!!  I love watching her learn and experience new things every day. 
Awesome shirt created by Angie!

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