Monday, January 20, 2014

Oyster time...

Insert a picture of me doing the happy dance!!  Or not... that might not be pretty.  But I was very happy about some oysters!
Papa searched around the area for some oysters and he was able to find some at our local seafood market.  We had to say an extra prayer over these slimy delights since the rule is - you only eat oysters in months that end in R.  But... these came from another state and that combined with prayer -we felt we would all be ok.
The boys tried them and then wasted them by immediately spitting them in the sink.  But hey, at least they tried them.  The other cousins tried them as well but I don't think we have any new fans just yet.
Papa, Chad and I ate until we were about to bust and then we stuffed a few more in just to tide us over.  Yummy!!  Thanks again Papa!!

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