Friday, January 22, 2010

Another lost tooth

Ethan lost his second tooth tonight. It is pretty sad but Mommy and Daddy will not pull his teeth out. My stomach turns every time he comes near me with it dangling and Ryan is afraid he is going to hurt him. So his bottom tooth has been very wiggly for about a week. I looked at it this morning and told him that it should fall out anytime now. I was crossing my fingers that it would fall out at school and the nurse would have to deal with it. (I know... that sounds really bad). But it was still hanging in there until he got a hold of some tough steak for dinner. That tooth didn't have a chance. Shortly after dinner while watching a movie, Ethan decided to go ahead and pull it himself just to get it over with. He is now awaiting the tooth fairy. Nana gave him a tooth pillow for Christmas and he is putting it to good use tonight. He even left the string hanging out from his pillow so the tooth fairy would find it easily. He explained tonight that when he was younger he thought that we were the tooth fairy but he quickly learned that if he doesn't believe then he doesn't receive. Sometimes he is too smart for his own good.

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