Thursday, January 14, 2010

Football with Papa

We went to see Nana and Papa on Tuesday night. Nana had surprised Papa with a trip to San Antonio for his 60th birthday. The boys had to go visit once they returned. They can’t seem to go a few days without seeing them. Every time we go over to their house, their first question is “Papa can we play football?” I have to warn them in the car that Papa may be tired tonight, or he may not want to play this visit. It still doesn’t stop them from asking and most every time they seem to be able to talk him into playing. 

Poor Papa!!

This is Aiden's normal spot.  He forgets that he is playing football and Papa ends up being the horse.

Aiden runs in for a touchdown

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MH said...

looks like fun!!! you're so lucky to have them living so close!