Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas with our families.  We started Christmas Eve with the Holt's.  We ate dinner and then it was present time!

Can you tell the boys have been watching Home Alone?

Mimi hung mistletoe and the boys each had to get a kiss.

After dinner and presents with the Holt's we meet Nana and Papa for the Christmas Candlelight Service.  We think it is important to make sure the boys remember why we are celebrating Christmas. 

Ethan in action!  We must leave some food for the reindeers.

We heard the reindeers like oat cereal so we had some left over from Aiden's allergy testing. 

Then of course... we had to feed Santa.  I know that his cookies are suppose to be homemade but this Mommy is busy!  Although Ethan did leave a note for Santa so that probably makes up for the store bought cookies.

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