Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ethan and I both made it through my first volunteer session in his Kindergarten class on Tuesday. We had some long debates about whether I would be allowed to do this. He wasn't sure he could handle the part where I left and he stayed for the rest of class. So after some negotiations, he decided that he would try to be a big boy. I promised that I would be on my best behavior and not embarass him and he promised that he wouldn't attach himself to my leg when my time was over. So we both did well and I ended up having a great time. I wanted to see what he did during class. Everytime we ask what he did today at school, his response is always "I don't know". I am thinking this is a universal reponse for kids.
I got to his class around 10am and was put right to work. I had to do some cutting and tearing out. I think I fit right in. Then it was time for centers. I stayed in the art area to help the kids out with their cutting and pasting. They had to make a man out of the letter "H". Fun times!! Afterwards, we headed to lunch. We ate together and I got to talk to some of his friends (very interesting). After lunch, Mommy was off duty. We said our goodbyes (no tears!!) and I had some much needed "me" time.
Part of the negotation was that I had to pick Ethan up as a car rider. This was a bit stressful since it took him a while to come out and they kept calling his name. I was worried that he had forgotten and went to his normal pickup spot. This entire process took about 30 minutes once school was out so I told him we will go back to our normal pickup as a walker. It seems to a bit less hectic and faster.
After school, the boys and I went for coffee and a little playtime. Well... I had a mocha and they had hot chocolate. We enjoyed some fresh air out at Destin Commons and had some Mommy/boys bonding time. Overall, I would say that we had a very successful day!


MH said...

That sounds awesome. Definitely interesting to see what school is really like. I'm very confused about the car rider thing? What is that?

The Holt's said...

The parent drives to the side of the school and they put the kid in the car (so you don't have to get out). I think they are doing the best they can with the system that they have but it takes a lot longer than if you actually just walk up to the front of school and pick him up from there. But we made it and we had a good day!