Friday, April 23, 2010

Ethan's Field Day

Yesterday was Ethan's Kindergarten field day.  I took the day off from work and kept Aiden out of school so we could both cheer on his brother.  Aiden and I wasted some time before it started at the local coffee shop and shared a bagel and coffee.  Aiden had fun on the playground most of the day.  I was keeping an eye on him but everytime he would get finished playing he would go find someone and tell them that he couldn't find his Mommy.  They knew me well before the day was over. 
Ethan had a great time with his class at all of the events.  They did everything from tug of war to picking up marbles out of a baby pool with their toes. 
                               Jump rope contest
Bean Bag throwing contest
Picking up marbles with his toes contest
wet sponge contest
He got all wet!  I am sure it felt good since it was so hot outside.
Hula hoop contest
Relay race
Tug of war- Ethan played tug of war 4 times and the last 3 times they had him at the very end of the rope.  I know he is the tallest but he doesn't weight that much.  Needless to say, they only won once but they were so happy!
Aiden playing on the playground
Just hanging around

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