Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Role Reversal...

This morning I was able to witness a little brotherly love. Lately, the boys have been fighting all of the time. They seem to have that love/hate strongly dislike relationship. They have hit that stage where everything is a competition and if they don't win then you will witness a major meltdown.
As always, I was running behind and I couldn't be late today. I had a follow up appointment with my doctor and had to get the boys to daycare by 7:30. Well... I left the house at 7:26 and then of course I couldn't find my cell phone. I really think I need to have that thing permanently attached to me. Am I the only one that can never find her cell phone?? So I have to turn around, run inside and call my phone and start listening for the ring tone. Gotta love Kelly Clarkston “Because we belong". (Yes, I know... that song is now stuck in your head) So I finally heard her singing and then we were off again to school. By this time... we are past my 7:30 deadline so I explain to the boys that this is going to be a quick drop off. I went through the routine of "I love yous, hugs, and kisses and yes boys, we will pick you up as early as possible." I turn to leave and Aiden just wasn't feeling school today. He started reaching for me and put this pitiful look on his face. I told Ethan to just hug him so I could get out and then he would be fine. I turn and see Ethan is holding him as best as he can but it just isn't working. Aiden takes off after me and catches me at the door. I give them both one last hug and Ethan tells me that "we will be ok. I will take care of Aiden." What a great Big Brother!!
Mornings like these are very hard on a working Mommy. I don't like dropping the boys off and racing out the door. Especially if they are having a rough morning. I know the boys enjoy themselves once they get to school because a lot of times they don't want to leave when we get there to pick them up. On the way to school this morning, Ethan was explaining to me that I needed a job where I can pick him up early just like his other friends. He would like me to be a teacher so he could be a car rider every day. He says he likes school and daycare but when he has had enough, he wants us to be there to pick him up. Wouldn't that be great if when I had enough of work, I could just pack up and go home for the day?!?

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MH said...

I LOVE THIS! How sweet!