Monday, April 5, 2010

Summer Vacation...

We took the kids to Tampa/Orlando for Spring break last week. Chad, Steph and the kids went along as well as Nana and Papa (for a few days). It was nice to get away with family for a little fun and relaxation. Well... not that much relaxation. I believe the kids (at least ours) think that if we aren't doing something 24/7 then life is boring! I could now use a few days of rest before stepping back into reality.
We left on Saturday to travel to Gainesville as our midway point.  We arrived at the hotel to find that Expedia did not complete/confirm our reservations for our hotel room.  Nightmare!!  That was the first and last time that I will use Expedia to book a room.  Working at a Hilton, we are able to use an employee rate and we have gotten spoiled.  I was stressed about using anything but the Hilton but we waited until the last minute to decide to stop in Gainesville and I found the best rate via Expedia.  Thankfully, they had 2 cancellations so we were saved. 
Our Pastor's wife recently had hip surgery and is staying in a rehab center.  We thought that would be a great time to stop by and have a much needed visit.  She is such an inspiration to all of us!!  She is going through so much right now and we were the ones that left with our spirits lifted.  Amazing!
On Sunday we headed down to Tampa.  Our first stop on the trip was Busch Gardens. We all enjoyed ourselves. The boys were feeling really adventurous and went on a big roller coaster as well as some other bigger rides they hadn't wanted to try before. Aiden loves roller coasters like his Mommy and Ethan actually learned to like them as well. He made us proud!!
      Our stop in Gainesville.  The kids waiting in the court area of the rehab center while we visted with Mrs. Linda.
Isn't that sweet??  I had to capture them holding hands so I could remind them that they do truely love each other.  I think they are currently in their fighting 24/7 stage of brotherhood.
Aiden playing inside the mouth of a hippo.
Not sure who this character is but they thought he was cool.
         Then we went to feed some birds.  We all had fun until...
   Until... the bird thought Aiden's arm looked really yummy!!
The next day we decided to rent a boat and head out to see some of the "islands".  I didn't realize Tampa Bay had islands but this is what we were told.  These islands were covered with seashells so the kids enjoyed starting their collection.  We had a great time and all the kids were wonderful.  They all were wiped out by the time we docked the boat.
                                   So excited... Can you tell??
Ethan and Mikayla
 Just chilling!!
He braved the cold water.  All he had been asking the entire trip was "when can I swim??"
Then his brother had to give it a try
            Their favorite part of the boat trip!
-Now it is Aiden's turn-
And they are out...  
Our next stop was Seaworld.
                            Where do we begin??
                     Super excited!
Waiting for the show to begin.  We are happy to announce that there weren't any injuries during this show.  They are not allowing the trainers in the water at this time and the girls ponytails are tied in knots. 

                          Time to cool off!
Group picture.  Nana and Papa gave each of the kids some money before they left and we had to take a picture of what they got to buy.

                                       Can you feel the love??

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