Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short Isabelle Update...

I had my first of two appointments this morning for Isabelle.  I was stopped immediately before getting my vitals taken because they could tell I had a "not so" nutritious breakfast.  I knew I should not have had a taquito and coke for breakfast!!  I hadn't had one in so long and had been so good but I was craving it this morning.  Oh well... lesson learned.  Plus the scale showed a few extra pounds.  Again, not a smart day to eat a big breakfast.
Dr. E. decided not to check my cervix today.  If I have began to dilate, she doesn't want to progress anything further.  At this point, I am monitoring my contractions to make sure I don't feel like anything is too much out of the ordinary.  Plus, I need to continue to slow down a bit and rest as much as possible.  Easier said than done, but I will try.  Dr. E. said that Isabelle has dropped and is sitting very low which could explain some of the pain that I have been experiencing.
Good news is that I am able to work for another week!!  This is such a blessing.  I really need to work as long as possible (especially since we already know I will need to be out for Isabelle's heart surgery) and I don't want to put the office in any more of a bind.
We are keeping our fingers crossed for another smooth appointment in a few hours.  Next up is our high risk appointment.  Hopefully Isabelle will cooperate so it will be nice and quick.

                                         Week 34- Mommy and Isabelle

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Becca said...

You (and Isabelle!) look fabulous!! Thinking of you, hoping she takes her sweet time. :-)