Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shout out for Isabelle... week 32

I have to give Isabelle a little shout out right now!!  The big news... she flipped and is no longer breech!  I got a little chocked up when the tech told me she is now head down.  I am sure the tech thought I was just being an over-emotional pregnant woman but I was really starting to have some anxiety about a possible c-section.  With everything else going on, a c-section was the last thing that I wanted to be worrying about.  Last month when I was told Isabelle was breech, I immediately starting doing some serious praying.  I knew she had plenty of time to flip but if we look at her track record, you can see she is quite stubborn.  A few days after the news, I felt a weird movement in my belly.  I immediately thought, was that it??  Did she flip?  But I wasn't going to be checked for a few more weeks so there was no way to know.  Ryan was convinced that she would remain breech and I would have to have a c-section and I have to say I was pretty sceptical myself.  So... Yay for baby Isabelle!!
I never realized how comforting it was to have Ryan at the high risk appointments until today.  He had a meeting he couldn't get out of so I had to go to this one solo.  The waiting was a bit painful and my mind immediately started thinking the worst.  Would there be any bad news today?  Would she cooperate?  but I survived. 
I think the techs must draw straws to see who has to take me back to the ultrasound room.  Isabelle definitely doesn't make their job easy.  The tech asked me if I get any sleep with this baby.  My answer... not so much.  Last night, Isabelle was moving around so much that I actually started to feel like I was going to crawl out of my skin.  (Hopefully others have felt that as well and I am not going crazy!)  I immediately got out of bed and had to just move around.  I couldn't lay in bed any longer and watch my belly move and wiggle into the weirdest positions.
Back to the appointment:
Isabelle is looking good and weighing in at 4lbs 11ozs.  Nothing has really changed at this point which for Isabelle, is a good thing.  The fluid around her heart and abdomen is still minimal and shouldn't cause any issues during or after birth.  Her bowels still have a few brights spots but the Dr. said that this will have zero affect on her after birth. 
I have 4 more weeks of my progestrone shots.  I can not wait until these are finished.  Last night's shot was probably the most painful one so far.  Even Ryan (my husband doctor) is ready for these to be over with.  The fun of shooting me in the behind has finally worn off.  The boys are even used to my shots now.  As soon as we get in the house, they yell "Mommy needs her shot, Mommy needs her shot!"  Thanks guys.  Trust me... having to get a shot in my behind is not something I will easily forget.
Now is the time that my appointments start weekly until Isabelle arrives.  Dr. E will start checking my cervix at week 34 and we are interested to see what she finds.  Ryan is betting that I will be put on bed rest but I am not ready to think about that at this point.  I have tried to slow down a bit but being a Mommy of 2 very active boys, is proving to be a bit difficult.

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