Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy day...

We took a trip to Home Depot so Daddy could get some supplies for a DIY project. 
The boys found a good place to rest while Daddy was figuring out what he needed.
Isabelle wasn't impressed with Home Depot 
 Then the boys had a busy day of pool parties.  They started out with the annual pool party for the kids at the church.  They had a blast and Mommy and Isabelle were thankful for a little down time while they were away playing.  Then we picked them up just in time to make it to Ethan's friend's birthday party and ended that party at our Community pool.  

It is crazy to think that we have had access to this pool for 7 years and we have only visited 1 time.  We will have to take advantage before we make our move to a different neighborhood.  It is sad that it took a birthday party to remind us that we have a Community pool that we could relax in.
Daddy worked all day on his DIY project which I must say, I am very impressed.  He got so wrapped up in it that he was outside in the heat all day long.  When we returned from the party, the kids and I went inside to relax from our long day and then Daddy came in to shower and change.  A few minutes later, I heard some commotion in the bedroom and yelled out if everything was ok.  I didn't get a response so I went in to see what had happened and I find my husband passed out on the floor.  I was finally able to get him to wake up but he was so disoriented and mumbling that I was worried.  Come to find out, he had not eaten all day so mix that with the heat and that is a recipe for disaster.  He is now doing ok although his brain is still not working properly.  He couldn't even figure out how to heat up mac and cheese!  
Thankfully, the kids are all asleep now and Ryan is laying down as well.  I am ready for this eventful day to be over with and start fresh in the morning. 


Grandma~rella said...

Your little family is so darling! I just recently started following your sweet blog and I'm sure enjoying 'getting to know you all.' It's always truly amazing to hear about young families daily events~kinda brings back some of my own memories, when my kiddo's were small :) Y'll have very quickly become one of my most favorite families! (((HUGS)))
G'Ma Cindy :)

Becca said...

Oh, wow, glad your husband is okay!! Mine will go all day without eating, too, and will be outside mowing the lawn, going to Home Depot, doing lots of other strenuous things, and I'm shocked that he hasn't dropped yet. Makes me want to shake him and say, "What were you thinking?!?" Ugh. Men.

Funny about the pool. I don't use ours as often as I could, because it's always such a pain to pack myself and Samantha up to go. I'm sure we could rough it and just keep it simple, but I start to overthink what we actually need. It's not like it isn't 1/2 mile away or anything...