Thursday, June 30, 2011

Early Mornings

I am sitting in a very quiet house wondering why I am the only one still not sleeping.  Isabelle woke up about 6:30 to eat but then went right back to sleep.  She is currently laying in my spot so I had to move over to Ryan's. 
 The boys are tucked away under their beds sound asleep. 
They have been enjoying their summer nights of staying up way too late and then we have to wake them up in the mornings.  Our boys are smart and they are playing the "we are not used to the new house" card so they request every night to sleep under their beds instead of in their beds.  Not sure what the comfort is for them, but we are going with it for now.  Had I known that they would enjoy sleeping on the floor rather than in a nice comfortable bed, I would have saved a little money when purchasing their new comfortable beds.
I haven't learned the concept of sleep when your baby is sleeping.  I have tried but then my mind races with things that I could be getting done and the nap is over.  I think I lasted about 5 minutes yesterday before I was in the kitchen doing some organizing.  Then, when I really could use a nap and feel like I am going to fall asleep standing up... Isabelle is wide awake.  Thankfully, Isabelle is a great sleeper at night so I am not waking up ever 2 hours like I did with the boys.  Although, I will hopefully get smart one of these nights and actually go to bed when she does so I can get a full nights sleep.  I am returning to work next week so I need to get everyone back on a regular schedule since the early mornings are coming fast.
But right now... I am enjoying being lazy and waking up slowly listening to Isabelle make all of her noises.  The fast pace of my world can wait a few more days.
And now, that I am just finishing my peaceful blog post, I have one little boy that just woke up and is asking to eat a twinkie for breakfast.  I already let my kids sleep on the floor, would allowing them to eat a twinkie for breakfast make me sound any worse??
My few minutes of peace and quiet have now come to an end and the day has begun. 

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