Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Isabelle's Cardiology appointment

Yesterday, Isabelle had her Cardiology appointment in Pensacola.  Her appointment started off with an Echo testing.  The tech wrapped Isabelle up like a burrito and then started the long ultrasound.  Isabelle did great and they were able to get all of the shots they needed to show her anatomy and heart.  It only took an hour and half.  She did much better than I would have done being wrapped up so tight for so long.  It was much easier to see her heart defect with this appointment especially after taking me out of the equation.  Everything still looks the same with her heart defect but her heart is pumping strong and the surrounding areas around her heart look great.  After the Echo test, Isabelle was weighed and she has lost a few ounces since coming home.  She now weighs 8lbs 12 ozs.  This isn't good since she needs to be gaining weight in order to have the surgery.  So, we will be pumping her with as much formula as she can take.  No more sleeping for long periods of time without eating for Isabelle! I was enjoying the few additional hours of sleep but I will gladly give that up in order to make sure she is eating enough.
Then we met with the nurse for her EKG.  After giving Isabelle a little to drink, she laid perfectly still for the testing.  She is a trooper!
Mommy trying to keep Isabelle warm before the testing begins.  Bad Mommy- forgot her blanket.
Getting started.  Trust me... she is alive and not in pain.
Mommy, What are they doing to me?!?
Let me down.  I have about had enough of this!!
We did learn that we will have to watch Isabelle to make sure she doesn't go into congenital heart failure.  Babies begin to show signs of CHF between 1-2 months of age.  Some of the signs that we need to watch for are loss of weight, breathing hard and fast and getting sleepy while feeding.  If we notice these things beginning to happen then we have to contact her doctor and she will put Isabelle on a diuretic to help relieve some of the pressure to help her breathe easier.  We pray that Isabelle will not have any of these symptoms and she will begin to gain weight.
We will go back to Pensacola in 2 weeks for her to get weighed and get a quick checkup again and then we will need to visit her Pediatrician every week for a weigh in.


Ilisa Ailts said...

It is so nice to get past the "heart stuff". It is sort of a journey that ties you together though...

Erica C said...

Prayers! Glad she did well for the echo. My E NEVER has...lol. We actually have to go on Monday for a sedated one since he won't sit still.

Angela said...

Just now catching up on blogs. Those pictures sure do take me back! They always told us what to look for if/when Benjamin went into heart failure, and I was terrified for months that he would, but he never did. He just finally got big enough (about 12 pounds) and so we did the surgery. He was just over five months old. Hang in there--you're a great mommy!!!