Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday phone dump...

I have been MIA this past week in the blogging world.  Just call me a slacker...
I feel like I have been on the go 24/7 but I can't really recall anything I have actually done. 
I checked out my pictures on my phone and I promise I didn't lose 2 children.  My boys are normally in the background making Isabelle smile for me but I need to remember to actually get pictures of them as well.  I will work on that...

Isabelle has started playing with her brother's toys.  Right now, they don't mind but in a few years- I am sure it will be a different story. 

What are these things?!? 

Yes... that is a pile of laundry in the background.  Don't judge!  I have been busy.  Laundry and cleaning are my projects this weekend.  (Note to Daddy... remove the laundry basket before taking pictures next time! )
Don't you feel sorry for that poor hamster!
Isabelle loves her new little outfit from Cousin Allison!

Bath Time!!  Isabelle is like a little fish.  She loves water!!

my washcloth!

What are you looking at ducky??

Isabelle has learned a new trick... "Where's your nose??"
It's right here
She likes to point to your nose, her nose and every body's nose.  She doesn't discriminate.  We are trying to teach her the other parts of her face but she is focused on her nose right now.  All we have to say is "Where's your..." and she goes straight for her nose.  No matter how we complete the sentence.

Happy Flag day... Isabelle was representing the USA yesterday. 
I didn't do anything wrong!!
We have started a new disciplinary tool with the boys.  We are trying to work on the temper tantrums and fighting so our new rule is, if you get in trouble then you owe me $.25.  The only way they can get it back is to do a chore.  This was going great until they recently spent all their money on a new PlayStation.  Yeah, let's not talk about that right now.  
Ryan earned himself a cup too.  The boys have been staying home with him during the week and the house has been a little messier than usual.  Everyone must learn to pick up after themselves!  I noticed Ryan's cup now has a dollar in it so he was good and deposited his money without me even having to say anything. 
We will see how long this lasts! 

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