Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation time....

Last week, we packed up our bags and headed to Orlando for some fun and relaxation. To be honest, our vacation was anything but relaxing.  I guess anytime you travel with 3 kids (one being a baby), the relaxing part goes out the window.  We did have some fun however mixed in with a little drama but that's our life these days.  We just go with it now.
The boys are definitely in their fighting stage.  Everything is drama with them lately.  When does it end?!?  They can get along one minute and then the next they are screaming at each other or throwing elbows.  I know this is normal but I am already over it!!  Add to it that Isabelle wet through every outfit we brought within the first two days and now I need a vacation from my vacation.  We are now in search for the diaper that works best for her.  Her usual diapers have finally failed us so time to move on to something else. 

We left Tuesday morning and stayed in a hotel until we were able to check into our Resort on Thrusday.
On Wednesday, we played a little golf... kid's style.


Izzy playing golf with Daddy

See... they do actually love each other.

Hole in one!

Daddy and Izzy got a hole in one too!

That evening we went to Ikea (of course).  We ate in the Cafe before the kids went to play and Mommy and Daddy shopped.  Third diaper fail of the trip.  I go to pick Isabelle up from her highchair and notice a small puddle on the floor.  Not thinking anything of it... I pick her up and she is soaked.  Imagine all five of us in the family bathroom.  I am changing Isabelle, Ryan is washing her outfit in the sink (yes... I forgot another outfit!), then Ethan attempts to dry her outfit with the hand blower all the while Aiden is playing with some toys (big helper).  Izzy is still damp but we make do until we can get back to the hotel for a fresh outfit. 
  During dinner that night, Isabelle signed "more" all by herself.  Of course, no one was around at the time to witness except mr but thankfully she is a champ now at signing "more". 

During this trip, Isabelle began doing a few new things.  She is waving at any and everyone even if they aren't paying attention.  She can give some great kisses.  Isabelle can sign "Thank you" and "all done".  Smarty pants!!
The next day, we did a little race car driving at the Orlando Grand Prix.  The boys had a blast!  They were able to race three different times and they improved on their scores with each race.  The first race was a little hard to watch because the boys crawled around the track (I think I actually witnessed a turtle passing Ethan!)but the next race they were more confident and picked up their speed.

Getting their lesson before the big race.

Best invention!!  Head socks so you are ok with using the helmet after someone else.

Can you tell he is pumped?!?

After their first race.

Going over their numbers and seeing where they can improve before the next race.

Isabelle had fun watching her brothers and Daddy race around the track.

That evening we went to eat at Chilis since it was within walking distance from our hotel.  In Orlando, every Chilis has a balloon guy.   
Izzy was a little unsure of him.

I have to give the guy props!  He made the best balloon animals ever.

We had a great dessert but soon realized when Aiden was getting sick walking out of the restaurant that just because he can now eat peanuts doesn't mean he can eat all nuts.  Who knew?!?  Sorry Chilis and surronding guests waiting to eat your dinner! 
We get outside and it is pouring rain.  Whose idea was it to walk to the restaurant?!?  Although, we did have some fun getting drinched in the rain.  For a moment, I felt like a kid again.  The little things that make us happy!
On Thursday, we checked into the Hilton Grand Vacation Par Soleil. This is their newest resort in Orlando and it was fabulous.  They had a great pool with a fun slide that we all enjoyed (minus Isabelle).


This was the bathtub and the water came from the ceiling!!  I had never seen anything like it.  I did get to enjoy a hot bath but it wasn't as relaxing as one would think.  While I was enjoying my bath and reading a book, two little boys were playing in the shower near by and splashing water all over the floor.  Oh well... they had fun and I did at least get my hot bath.
The next few days, we enjoyed the pool.  We decided not to go to any of the parks during this vacation.  The kids and I had been down to Orlando the month before so this time, we wanted to just hang around the resort and do some fun, less expensive things. 

All of our kids are water babies.  They would literally stay in the pool all day if they could.  One day... they actually did stay in the water most of the day and this was the result...

That looks uncomfortable!

Perfect reason why the boys are never allowed to sleep in our bed.
On Sunday, we packed our bags to head home. 

Goodbye HGV.  Until next time!
Thanks to TS Debby, we traveled home in the wind and rain but we made if home safe.  It is good to be home!

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Happy to see you had a great time in Orlando! Come back and see us again :)
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