Friday, June 1, 2012

Our quick weekend trip

Friday, I took off work a little early and picked the kids up from school.  Normally this is an exciting time for the kids but Ethan was missing his year end Luau.  But we had important plans... Orlando!  Nana and Papa had been down in Orlando for the week so we headed down for the long week to enjoy some fun.  We were sad to leave Daddy but he had to work.  Don't worry... we are going back as a family in a few weeks so he won't miss out on the fun.

Everyone did great on the ride down.  Isabelle slept most of the way and then she enjoyed kicking Ethan in the head.  When will he learn that she likes to move her feet?!?
Aiden passed the time with some dancing...

Whatever makes him happy, right?!?
We enjoyed some family time that night before bed.  We a great visit with a few Aunts and Uncles that we haven't seen in a while. 
Saturday, we slept in and then spent most of the day at the pool.  There were 3 pools at the resort and we took advantage of each and every one.

Izzy was extra tired so the kids decided it was time to wake her up so we could start the day!

Trying out her new shades before hitting the pool.

Aiden and Mikayla

Ethan taking a leisurely swim.

Taking a snack break.  Sister loves some puffs!
Izzy is a little fish.  She loves to swim!

After a little swimming, the kids played some tennis and jumped around in a bouncy house.  You know a resort is cool, when they have their own bouncy house and slide.

Just because we are on vacation doesn't mean the temper tantrums stop... unfortunately.

That evening, Steph and I took the little ones to Ikea.  Anytime were are in a city that has an Ikea, we have to visit. 
Ok, they aren't too excited here but wait fot it...

There it is... Just like her Mommy.  I had a big grin as well.
*This weekend, I learned that Izzy is a magnet for people.  People loved her and they weren't afraid to let me know.  We saw one extreme to the other.  Some would just pass and say "beautiful" and then we had a lady kissing on her feet (I know... a little weird, right??).  She is a very special girl!
Sunday, we enjoyed the day at Animal Kingdom.  Surprisingly, they were not overly crowded.  The wait for any ride was not longer than 15-20 minutes.  Can't beat that!
I sure do love this sign!!
After I took this picture, I got a lecture from Aiden on driving with both hands on the wheel.
Although Walt Disney or any theme park- for that matter- can be very stressful, I love going because the kids have such a great time.

Peek a boo

Papa and Izzy riding on the tram (this picture was taken right before nap time!)

All the cousins on the Barfield side

Family picture minus Daddy :(  Izzy was already taking a nap.

Nana and Mikayla. 

Who is that creepy girl by the luggage?!?

Searching for fossils.

His legs were tired!

Isabelle was a big fan of Rafiki and he was excited that he was her first Character encounter.
Isabelle learning about Owls.

Can you find the giraffe??

After the park, we headed to dinner.  Of course, there were a few naps on the way.  It was hot at the park so it zapped all their energy.
 We went to Chilis for dinner.  I realized that this was the same Chilis we went to the night before Isabelle's open heart surgery.  So glad to be visiting under better circumstances. 
Izzy trying on Mikayla's balloon hat

What is this thing on my head??
 While we were on vacation, Izzy had her first bath in a sink.  Can you tell that she absolutely loved it?!? 
 There were many firsts for Isabelle during this trip.  She also learned how to hold her own bottle!!  What a big girl.
We had a great time on our little vacation with the family.  We are looking forward to heading down to Orlando again in a few weeks.  Now we just need to decide which parks we are going to visit!

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