Monday, June 18, 2012

Our fun weekend...

The kids and I had a fun weekend.  Daddy had to work every night so we definitely missed him lots!  Friday night, the kids and I went shoe shopping for Ethan.  I swear these boys go through shoes like no one else.  I can't figure out what they are doing to their shoes but they aren't lasting.  After a few stops we finally found a pair that Ethan could wear.  Let's see how longs these last.  After all the shopping, I promised the boys we could go to McDonald's for some ice cream. 
They were very specific which McDonald's we went to... it had to be the one that has computers at the tables. 
On the way home, Ethan said that this was the best night.  Wow... Really?!?  Ok, note to self... easy, cheap night out- McDonald's with computer games.
Then it was home to watch a movie before bed. 

I love that Izzy likes to be right by the boys! 
We woke up to find Big Giant Monkey passed out from obviously a late night of partying.  I am beginning to wonder what goes on while we are tucked away for the night.

Saturday, we dropped Izzy off with Nana for a little bonding time and the boys and I did some bonding of our own... Big Kahunas!

 Can you tell the boys are excited?!?  They have been waiting for a few weeks for a trip to the BK.

Snack break
We got up a little early on Sunday for a special breakfast with Daddy before he had to head to work.  We missed him throughout the day but we stayed busy.  Sunday evening, we went over to Nana and Papa's for some dessert and play time. 
Nana, Papa and Izzy

Izzy got some new earrings.  So pretty!

Look who is working on standing.  Right now it is only with the help of Papa.  Papa has a way to get Isabelle to do things she won't do for us.  Stubborn thing!!    
Looking good Izzy!

Just call Papa the baby whisperer.

Having a little fun after her mini therapy session.

Weeeeee!  I like the view from up here.

Listen here everyone!  Sister has little attitude going on.

Papa and Owen

Playing a little Memory. 
 After some individual games, we broke out Twister.  The kids played a few games and then some of the adults joined in.  Thankfully, I don't have any pictures of the adults playing.  That wasn't very pretty!  I think the kids were sorry they asked us to join in.  I sat on Mikayla's head (sorry about that), then- Nana knocked everyone down and Steph butt bumped me out of the way. 

We had a fun filled weekend and now we are getting ready for our little family vacation.  Fun times ahead!!

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Becca said...

I love Izzy's new earrings!! She's growing so quickly! And I've never heard of a McDonald's with computers - gotta look into that one! :-)