Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Isabelle's first birthday party

We had a great day Saturday celebrating Isabelle's birthday (actual birthday was on May 23rd).  She is our special little girl and we had so much love and support during our pregnancy and her first year of life that we wanted this day to be extra special.
Daddy got Isabelle her own balloon- which she loved!
Izzy's imitating the movie UP.
Then, she needed a little snack while we were preparing for her party.
and then it was time for a cat nap.  No nap for Mommy though! Boo

Soon after, people started arriving to start the celebration!  She loved all the attention she received.  Everyone was there just for her special day!
Isabelle with her favorite Aunt Gloria

Isabelle with her favorite Aunt Elizabeth

Daddy and Papa cooked everyone hamburgers and hot dogs!

Isabelle and Lila

Isabelle and Allison
We made way too much food, of course- but it sure was good! 
Then it was present time!
Is it true?? I now have my own baby grand piano?!?

I will take this paper!

and this paper

OMG- there is so much paper!!

I am so happy!  I love all my presents and all my family and friends.
She wasn't big on opening her presents but as you can see, she did love all the paper. 

Her brothers and cousin Ian gave her a paper shower and she thought that was hilarious.  It lasted for a good 5 minutes and she laughed the entire time. 

Lila, Izzy and Owen.  (Owen had red eyes in most of my pics.)  He was just chillin while the girls bonded.
Izzy and Owen... and Lila's bow.  Izzy snatched it.  She is a little jealous of all her hair.
Happy birthday baby girl!

I don't think I like this!

I am ok now...  I found my thumb.

Sugar high!

 Isabelle's party dress didn't arrive until after the party but she still worked it!  She will get a lot of wear during this coming year.

She had a hard time getting sleep that night due to all the excitement and the sugar.  But she finally got settled in for the night.

We all had such a great time with everyone that was able to make it.  There were so many more people that we would have loved to invite but my house would have busted at the seams.  We have such a great support system around us and we are blessed with our family and friends.

The next morning came way too early!
Isabelle had a little cuddle time with Big Giant Monkey but he had had enough once she started picking at his eyeball.
Daddy opened all of her gifts and she was so excited.  She loves her baby grand and I think her brothers love the piano just as much. Their fingers are in every picture.

Isabelle Claire-

I can't believe it has been an entire year already.  Where did the time go?!?  We can't imagine our lives without you.  You truly complete our family and we are blessed beyond measure.  We love you so much!

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