Monday, August 13, 2012

Lazy weekend...

I read somewhere recently that it has rained for 40 days straight (+ a few now).  This weekend was no exception.  So, we spent the weekend inside being lazy!  We had some good family fun watching TV, playing games and even doing a little cleaning. 
Izzy did a few firsts this weekend as well.  She is an official scooter.  She doesn't go far or move very fast, but she does scoot on her bum.  We were playing a game of UNO (I won!) and Izzy kept scooting herself right in the middle to snatch every one's cards.  She may not be fast with her scooting but her fast hands make up for it.  Watch your stuff!
I also found her sitting in her crib yesterday morning.  I had always said, I would be camera ready for this day but I do realize she probably got to the position in the completely wrong form.  This didn't take away my joy though... sister knows how to sit up in her own special way.  She is quick and doesn't want to hear you tell her she needs to sit up correctly.  But we are still working on the correct form to sit up and she will still learn how to do it.  She is really stubborn.  She really does know how to sit up properly but just refuses.  See what I mean... she was feeling a little lazy too.
Playing a game of UNO

Izzy doing an little morning reading.  She is getting good at flipping the pages all by herself.

Izzy getting caught up in the laundry.  Love me some clean sheets!!

Playing a little beyblades with brother.  She thinks he is so cool.

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