Friday, August 17, 2012

Another lost tooth

This time, it is Aiden's tooth.  His front tooth to be exact.  This thing has been hanging on for dear life and was starting to overlap his other front tooth. 

His new teacher, during orientation, even noticed and said hopefully that tooth will be gone by the first day of school.  Maybe she is like Mommy and doesn't like to deal with wiggly teeth!!
Last night, we had all had enough of this tooth but no one was brave enough to just pull it.  Daddy tried but his stomach turned, Ethan even tried but he said it was too slippery.  I just sat on the bed with my eyes covered.  I know... not a good Mommy moment.  With a lot of wiggling and a little pulling, Aiden finally got the tooth out.

So last night, we had a visit from the little tooth fairy and Aiden was so excited to wake up to a dollar under his pillow.  A dollar is apparently less than what his friends are getting but our tooth fairy is on a budget and at this point... Aiden doesn't seem to mind.

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