Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane = lazy day for the Holt's

We were all stuck in the house yesterday (except Daddy) so we stayed in our Pj's all day long.  By night time, I finally took a shower and put on new Pj's- yep... I wasn't joking- lazy!  We were prepared with our food, water and moved everything off the back porch.  But... we woke up to sunshine and Mr. Sunshine stayed all day long.   So, we ate a lot of food, drank a little bit of water and watched a ton of TV.  Yes, I didn't win the Mother of the year award yesterday.
Some things we did to break up the boredom...
Ethan found every diaper in the house and covered Izzy.  This actually lasted for about an hour.  It's the little things that make them happy!
Izzy then decided to take a little cat nap amongst all the diapers.

I did try and do some cleaning but this is the only way I could get some laundry done.  Izzy loves to unfold and throw all the clean clothes.  Her new hobby- Mommy is not a fan!
This picture was taken from our back deck around 5:45pm.  At this point, Isaac was pretty calm.  5 minutes later, the wind picked up and rain started.
Today, our Destin beaches are looking pretty small and sad.  The waves are still strong but hopefully once this is over, our nice beach will be back to normal.

Thankful that we are all safe and praying for those effected from Hurricane Isaac.

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