Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend happenings...

We had a pretty laid back weekend.  We braved the stores to try and stock up for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac.  We were late in starting to prepare so a lot of items were already out of stock.  Hopefully we have enough to get us through if anything happens.  I am making one more stop on the way home today to pick up diapers and formula (how could I forget these!!).  Things could get a little messy if we ran out of these necessities. 
Isabelle being destructive before bed.

Mid morning nap

Getting a little help with laundry

Everybody loves Kung fu fighting!

Milk overload

Peek a boo!

Cheering her brother during soccer practice

Doing her nightly tongue exercises with the NUK brush
On Saturday, we went to Big Kahunas- just me and the kids.  The boys don't like it as much when Izzy comes (sorry Izzy!) because that means that don't get to ride as many rides.  But... BK is closing after next weekend so we wanted to get another trip in.  BK always puts Izzy to sleep.  She was out after 5 minutes.
Papa is moving barber shops after 43 years.  They have put in a lot of work in the new shop but it looks great!   More updated and modern- I am excited for Papa!!  Saturday and Sunday afternoon was spent doing some final touches and cleaning before he opens back up.  The boys took turns being the barber.  They took their job very serious. 
Aiden and Barber- Ian.
Aiden also lost another tooth yesterday (no pictures yet).  This one had a little more drama attached.  He lost his top front tooth last week and then his other front tooth was hanging on for dear life and all three boys (Ethan, Aiden and Ian) were wrestling.  Ethan pushed Aiden and Aiden feel into Ian and the tooth ended up in his hand.  The world had ended according to Aiden because he tooth wasn't quite ready even though it was literally hanging.  Oh well, he looks much better now that both front teeth are out.

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