Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seminole Country

We spent this past weekend with my cousin and her family.  We had a blast and are planning another weekend together soon.  The kids were wonderful and we even went to an FSU game. 
Bonus...Izzy didn't need a bath the entire trip because Lucy (their pug) licked her clean every day- Score!! 
Saturday, we started our morning a little lazy and stayed in our pj's for breakfast and most of the morning.
Good morning Sunshine!

What are you looking at??
Then, we headed to the park to run off some energy.
This is Isabelle's most favorite thing to do now...
I promise Izzy's hair is not normally orange. 
She loves to fall backwards.  You better be watching at all times because you never know when she will get a itch to lean back.  She is spontaneous that way.
She loves the slide as long as Daddy held on tight.
 All of the kids together.  Ethan, Izzy, Aiden and Lila.  All hamming it up for the camera.
Please ignore Izzy's socks.  I realize they don't match but we are on vacation.  We can roll like that on vacation.
  Look at me everyone...
Please also note, that Izzy's hair is beginning to come in now.  (Notice it blowing in the wind)  She is very proud!
 Izzy and Aiden had fun talking back and forth across the playground.
The boys love Lila and enjoyed playing with her for the weekend.  I think they are ready for Isabelle to become a little more active.

That afternoon we headed to the campus for the FSU Homecoming.  The boys love going to the games and Izzy did great herself.  This was her first game since she was inside my belly when we went last time.  I was sure she would fall asleep half way through but nope... Sister didn't want to miss any of the action.

 Daddy's little girl!  He was so proud having her sit right beside him cheering on his team.
Look what the boys found in their room... Bear is bigger than their Big Giant Monkey. I was beginning to wonder if the boys were going to want to come back home with us.

We had a great time with Allison, Mark and Lila and can't wait to spend some more time with them soon. 

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