Monday, December 10, 2012

Izzy update

Izzy is learning something new everyday.  She is at a really fun age and has such a BIG personality.
Izzy has been busy trying to figure out the steps at Nana and Papa's. 
Nope, this won't work
 As you can see, she is starting to get on her knees.  Her bum is still her main form of transportation but she is starting to branch out.

She loves to pull everything out and make a mess.  Diapers... clothes.  She doesn't discriminate.

Privacy please... I am busy!
She is learning to share her snacks.
 We will be enrolling her in gymnastics soon.
 She is a little prisoner but loves that she can roam the entire house.  Mommy... not so much.  She is also a human vacuum cleaner and even though I think I have everything picked up, she will find that one thing I missed.
Izzy is comfortable sleeping anywhere.

 She loves being fed like a baby bird.
 This is her chewy tube that helps to strengthen her jaw muscles.  She decided to work out her muscles to kiss up to her ST.
 Isabelle loves to sing Itsy Bitsy spider.  She is learning the hand motions and will say "wider" for you to repeat the song.  She is picking up new sign language quickly. 
She loves to be the center of attention, especially at church.  She waves to each person during the sermon just to make sure they are paying attention to Pastor.
Izzy is a blessing!

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