Friday, December 21, 2012


Mommy... where is Ethan storming off to?!?  This is Ethan's new thing, when he doesn't get his way he storms off.  Where does he go- you ask???  No where because where would a nine year old go.  I don't like this new thing of his and I am hoping by ignoring the behavior... this will soon stop.
I tried this too when I was a kid- not with my parents because I knew better.  I remember we were on a shopping trip and us girls got this bright idea that we could just walk home (about 45 mins away).  That didn't last long and I don't remember trying it again.

If Aiden were President...
He would stop all wars and allow gum chewing and pets at school.

Izzy loves to act like a prisoner with her new gate.  She also loves to stare out the window at the outside world.  Her newest thing is to throw things over the gate onto the stairs.  Gotta love this!  She has worked for a while trying to get her baby to fit through the slats but it just isn't happening- so baby got left behind.
Izzy loves on anything and everything these days.  This time... it was her wipes a few minutes later it might be underwear.  Whatever makes Sister happy! 
Can you tell Izzy enjoyed her dinner?!?

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